2. Choose Thickness:

CLIP – IN STAR WHISPER HAIR EXTENSIONS are made from 100% natural human hair, manually knitted and the length of 22-23 in (55-60 cm) is available in two different volumes/thickness – 150-160 gram and 240-250 gram. STAR WHISPER HAIR EXTENSIONS come in a full head set. Learn how to select the right volume/thickness by reading this article.

Thickness 150-160g

Suitable for extension of thin hair and hair thickening of relatively long hair

Thickness 240-250g

Suitable for extension of regular and relatively thick hair and for short hair

Add Extra Row


We created for you an additional option - an option to order extra weft, a separate weft/row. This way you can add some more volume to the SW head set that you have already purchased or you can order just one weft, to be placed in the middle of the head, with the dimensions of the middle row. The result will be just some hair thickening of your own long hair.

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