Boutique human hair

We offer you 100% natural Eastern European human hair. Almost anyone who offers hair extensions advertises it as natural, human hair, but this is far from being the truth. We mean one thing when we talk about natural hair, namely that this hair is cut off by a human head where it has grown for years.

STAR WHISPER hair is absolutely natural, 100% human, untreated, with removed short strands and full length sections with a sustained direction of hair growth. In order to create our Star Whisper headsets, we buy only real human hair and have created a network of collectors both in Bulgaria and in Eastern Europe, because these are places where one can find any structure, texture, thickness and type of hair, which also varies in its length so it can satisfy all kinds of tastes and needs.

The highest quality hair which is suitable for extensions is very difficult to find. This is one of the reasons for the high price of this type of hair – natural, untreated, healthy. On the other hand, eastern European hair is quite valuable and varied - like a hair structure, thickness, color. In this part of the world, almost all kinds of human hair are available that is appropriate for extensions. We work with the so-called Hair Collectors, experienced hair gatherers who look for and buy human hair with certain parameters for us. Generally, we buy hair of any type, structure, and hair wave as we have requirements for a certain length.

We and our crew are dealing with the whole procedure of processing hair after it is cut from a human head – combing (removing the short hairs), braiding (making the virgin bulk hair in wefts), putting together the wefts (manually made double or triple wefts), cutting (making the wefts in separate rows with the appropriate width). This is another reason for the high price of all STAR WHISPERS – everything in the whole process is a manual work, that takes a lot of time and efforts.

Because of this we call our hair extensions BOUTIQUE HUMAN HAIR. STAR WHISPERS are unique, remarkable, very different from everything else on the hair extension market. You can wear them permanently. In other words, the extensions can be always on your head – they become a part of your appearance. The extensions are neither attached every morning, nor removed every evening. You can read and see more about this technique in METHODS OF HAIR EXTENSIONS APPLICATION here оn our site.

We are selling our STAR WHISPERS using the so-called CLIP IN method. This means that the customers are able to attach and remove the wefts by themselves and this can be done very quick and easy. You can read and see more about the CLIP IN method in HAIR CARE AND TUTORIALS here оn our site.