Handmade Weft

The row, virgin human hair, that we collect in bulks, has to be braided in the form of wefts, rows, as work is done by hand by a wig maker. This is the other valuable and unique thing that makes the hair we offer boutique, remarkable of its own kind. Each weft is braided by hand, with a wig technology, and subsequently assembled on a machine in the form of double or triple, for greater density, rows. When assembling, only organic fibres are used without glue, resin, cloth or other joints. Several different types of stitch and seam are combined to achieve maximum strength and stability.

The difference between factory produced and handmade weft is really huge. Hand-braiding, along with manual assembly and cutting out is really labour-intensive and costly, but we do namely this, no matter how much the process gets expensive. Indeed, manual labour hours is something that is nowadays replaced by the use of machinery and equipment, but that is what we are trying to avoid. We do and check everything by hand. The hand-braided weft is a guarantee that the hair will be kept as a density and can be worn for a long time. On the other hand, very often the factory produced wefts are an indication that the hair has impurities, it is not 100% human or is directly synthetic. Price can also give you a hint about it.

Wig braiding is done manually by professional pedicurists who are part of our team. The base of the hair - where it is cut off from the head - is spread out and distributed to a special appliance, a main leading thread is placed, and strands are turned and trapped around this thread in a uniform ratio that we do with a fairly high density and stability.

Wig Braided Weft

Then we assemble the finished, braided weft on a machine. It is worked with a strong thread, four types of stitches and seams are used, and in our practice we assemble in two ways – the braided weft is cut out in either double or triple order. We have done so to satisfy your needs and desires. Usually the triple rows are used for the big volumes, but this is not a rule.

Assembled Double Weft

The assembling of the hair creates a healthy, durable and stable fit, from which hair does not escape and the hair as a whole retains its original appearance - as it was at the time it was cut off by its donor.

Wig Braided Weft to Assembled Double Weft