Our beauty shop

Behind the STAR WHISPER brand there are two women who love their work, who insist on the highest quality of the final product, who want each and every one of our customers to get the gorgeous and unique hair, which will bring them great pleasure for a long time. We are Svetlana and Maria and we are proud to have created everything with our own long-standing work.

We have a nice surprise for you – in our country we are working directly with the end customer as hair extension specialists, colorists, stylists and hairdressers. A famous Bulgarian saying goes – don’t ask an old man, ask an experienced man, so you can always count on us, we know what we do!!!

In Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, we have created a working BEAUTY SHOP called LADIES’ POINT, which appeared back in 2008. At this place the wonders of extension started happening then, till the present days – from the very beginning until the moment the customer leaves with a happy smile and waist length, thick and splendid hair.

Down to the present day, this is an actual business that has been working with the end customer for nearly ten years. The fact that we face personally every problem that could possibly arise with an extension, deal with it on the spot, learn from our mistakes and improve in the work process gives us a huge and unique advantage over all other online stores.

Our vision of hair extension is that hair should be of the highest possible quality, it should be properly distributed onto the customer’s head, so it looks as natural as possible. We know that the assistance of a hair stylist is of great importance because very often the extensions have to be cut, designed and arranged. We can help you and give you advice regarding dying so that your natural hair color and shade matches perfectly that of the extensions. You can find such tips on our blog here as well as in the instructions for use and important information which accompany our products.

We, Svetlana and Mariya, and our team are working each day, dealing with hair extensions and this is a huge advantage – we are not just sellers, we are professionals, who creates art, because the hair extension procedure is really a kind of art!!! Do you want to see how our Beauty Shop looks like? Here you go…