Double drawn hair

What does the term DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR mean?

We have our explanation of this term - this is actually a manual processing of the already cut off hair on the tail itself. Yes, with us the whole process is entirely manual work. In most cases, when we collect hair in Bulgaria, we even trim our hair, because the hair quality and value depends on the way the hair has been trimmed. Hair should be gathered in a tail in a certain way, securely tied and fastened with a large and elastic rubber band.

Once the hair is trimmed, it is necessary to process the tail itself - the so-called combing. If there are different hair lengths in the tail, they should be separated to obtain hair of exactly equal lengths. This is one option - in case the cut hair has been stacked as a haircut, although principally, the hair that is suitable for the extensions should be flat and of the same length.

The other option of hair combing is the so-called DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR - that is hair in which all shorter hair is removed and only the longest one is left to start and end with the same lengths. This treatment is a very important and essential stage of the overall process - a guarantee that when the hair is braided in the form of a tress, the base and the end will have the same density.

However, you should always take into account the fact that STAR WHISPER hair is human hair and, like any human hair, its ends inevitably get thin. Very rarely, there is a hair that is 100% of the same density at its base and at the end. Therefore, we recommend the following - if you want a flat, thick, dense end, cut the extensions off about 5 cm (1.95 inches), naturally do not do it yourself. The hair should be on your head and cut by a professional hairdresser. The other option is simply to buy longer hair to shorten - you can cut it to 10 cm (3.9 inches) from it and get a very dense lower end of the tress.

Once the hair is combed, we wash each individual tail with a soft shampoo and conditioner. This is the only way to check again whether the direction of growth is maintained, whether the direction of the hair is exactly the same. Only in this version hair is quality, it does not pluck and does not get tangled. The trick is that when there is hair with a changed direction, the tail in general or in certain areas turns into a ball - the hair rises and gets tangled. This cannot happen with our STAR WHISPERS!