Who are we? What is our story? How did we create our brand and how much time did it take? How much experience do we have and how are we developing? Are we good at what we do? Certainly, these are all questions you will ask.


Behind the STAR WHISPER brand there are two women who love their work, who insist on the highest quality of the final product, who want each and every one of our customers to get the gorgeous and unique hair, which will bring them great pleasure for a long time.

We are Svetlana and Mariya and we are proud to have created everything with our own long-standing work. We guess that it will be interesting for you how exactly this happened.

We met each other for the first time back in 2003. We fell in love with the idea of beautiful, long and full of volume hair, so we started exploring all the possibilities of finding the best quality hair and making the perfect extensions.

It is clear for every woman that she has to wait for years to have long hair. The volume and thickness of the hair is a matter of genetics – it is inborn.

On the other hand, there are many temptations these days – we change our hair color, we bleach or darken it, make highlights, we tip it, making the hair’s end lighter, we use styling products, hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons or we often fall into momentary states when we decide to cut our hair and then we regret it. How can we have long and thick hair?!?

At that time we decided that the only way to realize our dream is to buy real hair and create a network of collectors both in Bulgaria and in Eastern Europe, because these are places where one can find any structure, texture, thickness and type of hair, which also varies in its length so it can satisfy all kinds of tastes and needs.

The Beginning, Like Any Other Beginning, Was Difficult…

The highest quality hair which was suitable for extensions turned out to be rather difficult to find. At that time we often bought hair which was later thrown out. We were relying exclusively on personal contacts and meetings, but people didn’t trust us because they didn’t know us.

We were traveling across the country and later on we started traveling to Romania, Belarus and Russia. As time passed by we learnt how to assess and check the quality of hair. We bought the hair that we liked so we always had one in stock – something very important for this business. When a woman decides to extend her hair, she usually wants it to happen at the very moment.

We and our crew suffered the whole procedure of processing hair after that – combing (removing the short hairs), braiding (making the virgin bulk hair in wefts), putting together the wefts (manually made double or triple wefts), cutting (making the wefts in separate rows with the appropriate widht). We ran up against all sorts of difficulties but as time passed by we improved and perfected almost every step in this process.

That was the time when we came up with the idea to create an actual place for the growing number of customers, to create our own place where we could work wonders. So, our BEAUTY SHOP called LADIES’ POINT appeared in 2008. At this place the wonders of extension started happening – from the very beginning until the moment the customer leaves with a happy smile and waist length, thick and splendid hair.



Down to The Present Day

This is an actual business that has been working with the end customer for nearly ten years. The fact that we face personally every problem that could possibly arise with an extension, deal with it on the spot, learn from our mistakes and improve in the work process gives us a huge and unique advantage over all other online stores.

Our vision of hair extension is that hair should be of the highest possible quality, it should be properly distributed onto the customer’s head, so it looks as natural as possible. We know that the assistance of a hair stylist is of great importance because very often the extensions have to be cut, designed and arranged.

We can help you and give you advice regarding dying so that your natural hair color and shade matches perfectly that of the extensions. You can find such tips on our blog here as well as in the instructions for use and important information which accompany our products.

The main thing about us and our work, apart from working directly with the end customer as hair extension specialists, colorists, stylists and hairdressers, is that we attach the extensions permanently. In other words, the extensions are always on the customer’s head – they become a part of the respective woman’s appearance. She bathes, sleeps, works out…lives with them. The extensions are neither attached every morning, nor removed every evening.


Before & After

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How is That Possible? We Put Some Very Small, Mini Elastic Silicone Rings.

They are put at the bottom of each weft, 2-3 cm (0,78-1,18 inch) apart from each other. They are attached to the real hair by pulling two thin locks of it – one of them is pulled through the bottom of the weft and the other is pulled over the weft itself so that they are parallel to each other.

These two locks are tied together through the weft itself, very closely to the scalp and a mini silicone ring in an appropriate color is put on each joint. The natural hair locks are pulled with a device that looks like a loop, so that they slid through the mini silicone ring, which is then closed and flattened with pliers.

You can read more about this technique in METHODS OF HAIR EXTENSIONS APPLICATION here оn our site. Here you can also find a lot of photos and videos which illustrate the whole process. This is a unique technique which doesn’t cause any discomfort and it damages neither the natural hair nor the extensions.

The extensions are fixed firmly and the mini silicone ring can be removed only with pliers by pressing the opposite ends of the wider part. The extensions should be maintained every 6 weeks, because as the natural hair grows, the wefts start hanging slightly and the customer starts feeling them. When this happens all the extensions are removed and attached closely to the scalp again for another 6 weeks.

The unique thing about our extensions is that the customers are able to attach and remove the wefts by themselves using the CLIP IN method. The extensions are perfectly suitable for permanent wearing and they are just like natural hair – they don’t tangle, tear or fall. Nobody would ever guess that you have extensions – they are always with you. This exactly is the 100% natural human hair!!!

The Idea

The idea about the brand STAR WHISPER itself was born in 2016. It’s something we really wanted and dreamed of doing in order to export both our boutique hair and our experience to the European market.

It is a product which has been planned for a long time in answer to the numerous requests from our customers who live abroad. We dare say that we have customers from quite a number of European countries – Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, etc.

It’s impossible for us to work personally with all of you, so that’s why we decided to create this brand and to export it. We want our extensions to satisfy everyone’s needs and desires, we want to teach people how to take care of them, how to apply, dye, wear, style and shape them.

The CLIP IN method is easy, quick and convenient – it’s something everyone can do on their own.

There are video tutorials on our site and we are always ready to answer any questions or make recommendations. On the other hand, if you want to apply permanently the STAR WHISPER extensions – go on! You just have to visit a hair extension specialist who will be able to apply the extensions. We recommend using the method according to which the mini silicone rings are applied, but the extensions can be sewn as well, depending on the practice in your country.

We, Svetlana and Maria, ourselves, are inseparable from our extensions. As a famous Bulgarian saying goes – don’t ask an old man, ask an experienced man, so you can always count on us!!!