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The main thing about us and our work, apart from working directly with the end customer as hair extension specialists, colorists, stylists and hairdressers in our Beauty Shop LADIES’ POINT, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, is that we attach the extensions permanently. In other words, the extensions are always on the customer’s head – they become a part of the respective woman’s appearance. She bathes, sleeps, works out…lives with them. The extensions are neither attached every morning, nor removed every evening. How is that possible?

We put some very small, mini elastic silicone rings. They are put at the bottom of each weft, 2-3 cm (0,78-1,18 inch) apart from each other. They are attached to the real hair by pulling two thin locks of it – one of them is pulled through the bottom of the weft and the other is pulled over the weft itself so that they are parallel to each other. These two locks are tied together through the weft itself, very closely to the scalp and a mini silicone ring in an appropriate color is put on each joint. The natural hair locks are pulled with a device that looks like a loop, so that they slid through the mini silicone ring, which is then closed and flattened with pliers.

This is a unique technique which doesn’t cause any discomfort and it damages neither the natural hair nor the extensions. The extensions are fixed firmly and the mini silicone ring can be removed only with pliers by pressing the opposite ends of the wider part. The extensions should be maintained every 6 weeks, because as the natural hair grows, the wefts start hanging slightly and the customer starts feeling them. When this happens all the extensions are removed and attached closely to the scalp again for another 6 weeks.

Our STAR WHISPERS can be worn permanently – there is no tangling, shedding, no discomfort. Our hair extensions blend perfectly with your own hair, can be styled, cut, dyed – we recommend only a professional hairdresser and colorist to do this, of course.

Our SW hair can be also sewn into your own hair – sometimes we do this as well, especially for the upper row in the hair extension headset.

1 client's own hair

2 SW hair extension

3 permanent hair extension (putting  mini elastic silicone rings)

4 permanent hair extension (sewing)

5 trimming the hair extension (by a hairdresser)

6 final result - straight hair

7 final result - styled hair

The most common option is when there are three rows of extra hair in one ready extension set - lower, middle and upper, plus two extra wefts, with width of about 7 cm (2.73 inches) each, to be placed highest in the area above the temple to get a spectacular result with a length of hair and around your face which is pretty convenient and appropriate to do in this way.

​ The lower row is placed at the bottom, about 2 cm (0.78 inches) higher than the lower line of the own hair in the area between the back of the neck and the neck. The optimal width of this row is between 15 and 20 cm (5.85 and 7.8 inches) as it covers the narrowest part of the human head.

​ The middle row is placed above the lower row - a distance of about 2 cm (0.78 inches) is still left maximum. This row is metaphorically from ear to ear, but in the area above the ears, in the middle of the back of the neck. The width is between 25 and 30 cm (9.75 and 11.7 inches) - the round is longer, and if you want and feel comfortable, you can slightly bend the middle of the row down, receiving a slight parabola.

​ The upper row is the widest - about 32 cm (12.48 inches) as it is placed highest, and our advice is to aim for both ends to be as far ahead as possible to get the length of the area around the face.

​ We have thought about you by creating an additional option - an option to order extra another one, fourth row/weft, to be re-placed in the middle of the head, with the dimensions of the middle row. When working with end clients as hair extension specialists we often use an extra weft, especially when the customer wants more volume or has thick and short own hair.

​ The unique thing about our SW hair extensions is that we are selling these on the website as a CLIP IN hair extensions – you will be able to attach and remove the wefts by yourself using the CLIP IN method. Each weft in each headset is supplied with clips, which you can clip in your own hair and wear our STAR WHISPERS whenever you want.

1 client's own hair

2 clip-in lower row

3 clip-in lower row

4 clip-in middle row

5 clip-in middle row

6 clip-in upper row

7 clip-in upper row

8 ready to go