Years ago, Victoria Beckham said there were strands on her head, cut off by a Russian prisoner's hair.

It is undisputed, that in the natural hair market, the most sophisticated product is the Eastern European hair, including the Bulgarian one, which is only hand-handled by a team of professionals including a wig maker, a haircutter, a hairdresser and a colourist.

We Offer You 100% Natural Eastern European Hair

Handled by us with due care and professionalism, stored and maintained under special conditions, waiting for you, our customers to become part of your vision. Almost anyone who offers hair extensions advertises it as natural, human hair, but this is far from being the true.

We mean one thing when we talk about natural hair, namely that this hair is cut off by a human head where it has grown for years. Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a human hair to reach a length of 50, 60 or even 70 cm (19.5, 23.4 or even 27.3 inches)?

Well, it is not hard to guess, considering the human hair growth is average 1 cm (0.39 inches) per month with representatives of the European race.


100% natural human hair

So our hair, STAR WHISPER hair, is absolutely natural, 100% human, untreated, with removed short strands and full length sections with a sustained direction of hair growth. Cut off in a tail, it is combed and washed to see if growth is in one direction.

This is a guarantee that your hair will not get tangled and will behave like your own hair. Otherwise, if the direction of growth has been changed, no matter how good hair is in appearance and touch, it is not suitable for extensions - in the first wash, such hair turns into a ball in the literal sense.

What does the term DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR mean?

You've met it on all sites, advertising posts, blogs, right? This is actually a manual processing of the already cut off hair on the tail itself. Yes, with us the whole process is entirely manual work.

In most cases, when we collect hair in Bulgaria, we even trim our hair, because the hair quality and value depends on the way the hair has been trimmed. Hair should be gathered in a tail in a certain way, securely tied and fastened with a large and elastic rubber band.

On the other hand, eastern European hair is quite valuable and varied - like a hair structure, thickness, colour. In this part of the world, almost all kinds of human hair are available that is appropriate for extensions. On the other hand, we work with the so-called Hair Collectors, experienced hair gatherers who look for and buy human hair with certain parameters for us.

Generally, we buy hair of any type, structure, and hair wave as we have requirements for a certain length, but we know from experience that the fine, ethereal and thin hair is not suitable for extensions because it is easily and quickly shortened and worn out.


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Once the hair is trimmed, it is necessary to process the tail itself - the so-called combing, if there are different hair lengths in the tail, they should be separated to obtain hair of exactly equal lengths. This is one option - in case the cut hair has been stacked as a haircut, although principally, the hair that is suitable for the extensions should be flat and of the same length.

The other option of hair combing is the so-called DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR - that is hair in which all shorter hair is removed and only the longest one is left to start and end with the same lengths. This treatment is a very important and essential stage of the overall process - a guarantee that when the hair is braided in the form of a tress, the base and the end will have the same density.

If there is no combing as a procedure, then a tress could be got, rather dense at its base, but with a thin and loose end. This would reduce the value and uniqueness of the hair for extension. So we comb our hair, and everything that is given as a shorter length is not used at all, but is scrapped and discarded.

However, you should always take into account the fact that STAR WHISPER hair is human hair and, like any human hair, its ends inevitably get thin. Very rarely, there is a hair that is 100% of the same density at its base and at the end.

Therefore, we recommend the following - if you want a flat, thick, dense end, cut the extensions off about 5 cm (1.95 inches), naturally do not do it yourself. The hair should be on your head and cut by a professional hairdresser. The other option is simply to buy longer hair to shorten - you can cut it to 10 cm (3.9 inches) from it and get a very dense lower end of the tress.

To see if everything with the brushed hair is right, we wash each individual tail with a soft shampoo and conditioner. This is the only way to check again whether the direction of growth is maintained, whether the direction of the hair is exactly the same. Only in this version hair is quality, it does not pluck and does not get tangled. The trick is that when there is hair with a changed direction, the tail in general or in certain areas turns into a ball - the hair rises and gets tangled. And then the thing we do is to scrap it like a bad one.

After the hair is absolutely dry, it has to be braided in the form of wefts, rows, as work is done by hand by a wig maker. This is the other valuable and unique thing that makes the hair we offer boutique, remarkable of its own kind. Each weft is braided by hand, with a wig technology, and subsequently assembled on a machine in the form of double or triple, for greater density, rows.

When assembling, only organic fibres are used without glue, resin, cloth or other joints. Several different types of stitch and seam are combined to achieve maximum strength and stability - a guarantee in turn for the hair from weft will not fall and be plucked. The difference between factory produced and handmade weft is really huge.

Hand-braiding, along with manual assembly and cutting out is really labour-intensive and costly, but we do namely this - a guarantee that we are remarkable and unique on the market, no matter how much the process gets expensive. Indeed, manual labour hours is something that is nowadays replaced by the use of machinery and equipment, but that is what we are trying to avoid.

We do and check everything by hand. The hand-braided weft is a guarantee that the hair will be kept as a density and can be worn for a long time. On the other hand, very often the factory produced wefts are an indication that the hair has impurities, it is not 100% human or is directly synthetic. Price can also give you a hint about it.

Wig braiding is done manually by professional pedicurists who are part of our team. The base of the hair - where it is cut off from the head - is spread out and distributed to a special appliance, a main leading thread is placed, and strands are turned and trapped around this thread in a uniform ratio that we do with a fairly high density and stability.

The next step is to assemble the finished, braided weft that are done by machine operators. It is worked with a strong thread, four types of stitches and seams are used, and in our practice we assemble in two ways – the braided weft is cut out in either double or triple order. We have done so to satisfy your needs and desires.

* The standard weft is cut out in a double row – namely these are the hair extensions that are available everywhere.

* The triple option achieves a higher density, as the base of the weft remains relatively fine and comfortable to wear. In addition, when we create the final sets of ready-for-sale wefts you order and buy, these triple rows increase the weight of the hair, more thickness and density is achieved. We also judge in each set exactly which of the three rows to be triple. Whether or not, for 15 years, we work personally with our end customers, we extend hair every day, make all sorts of combinations and we are proud of the fact that we have created a successful end product that can satisfy every taste.

The assembling of the hair creates a healthy, durable and stable fit, from which hair does not escape and the hair as a whole retains its original appearance - as it was at the time it was cut off by its donor.

A very important question is how the assembled already weft should be cut out and arranged so as to obtain a perfect extension. The most common option is when there are three rows of extra hair in one ready extension set - lower, middle and upper, plus two extra wefts, with width of about 7 cm (2.73 inches) each, to be placed highest in the area above the temple to get a spectacular result with a length of hair and around your face which is pretty convenient and appropriate to do in this way.

  * The lower row is placed at the bottom, about 2 cm (0.78 inches) higher than the lower line of the own hair in the area between the back of the neck and the neck. The optimal width of this row is between 15 and 20 cm (5.85 and 7.8 inches) as it covers the narrowest part of the human head.

  * The middle row is placed above the lower row - a distance of about 2 cm (0.78 inches) is still left maximum. This row is metaphorically from ear to ear, but in the area above the ears, in the middle of the back of the neck. The width is between 25 and 30 cm (9.75 and 11.7 inches) - the round is longer, and if you want and feel comfortable, you can slightly bend the middle of the row down, receiving a slight parabola.

  * The upper row is the widest - about 32 cm (12.48 inches) as it is placed highest, and our advice is to aim for both ends to be as far ahead as possible to get the length of the area around the face.

We have thought about you by creating an additional option - an option to order extra another one, fourth row/weft, to be re-placed in the middle of the head, with the dimensions of the middle row.

The rational is that the customer, once bought a certain length of a weft, can take it off and put it when he wants, change the length and colour, and get it thicker with new hair. However, have in mind our recommendation to have the extensions trimmed only by a professional hairdresser when they are placed on the head! The same applies for the colour change!

Be careful and take care of your STAR WHISPER extensions as you care about your own hair. Because they are natural hair, their colour can change as you wish, including coloured hair streaks, balayage, ombré, but we recommend that to be made by a professional colourist. And do not forget that any lightening takes away from the strength and exhausts your hair, especially when it has already lost the nourishment of the scalp when it has been trimmed.