Very curly blond woman with hair extensions
Blonde woman with red lipstick with wig hair extentions.
Blond woman with hair extensions laying down

Why to Wear Hair Extension

Don’t hesitate! Just in a few minutes you will get long and voluminous hair, without waiting and waiting and waiting for years… You have thin hair or split ends, that you want to trim, you have damaged hair that doesn’t want to grow, you have bad haircut or regret about cutting your previously long hair, you want to change your appearance or have something special forthcoming – NO PROBLEM, OUR STAR WHISPER CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS ARE YOUR DECISION!

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How to put your Star Whisper Clip
clip in your star whisper

1. Choose length:

CLIP – IN STAR WHISPER HAIR EXTENSIONS are made from 100% natural human hair, manually knitted and are available in two different lengths – 22-23 in (55-60 cm) and 25-27 in (65-70 cm). STAR WHISPER HAIR EXTENSIONS come in a full head set. Learn how to select the right length by reading this article.

Add Extra Weft


We created for you an additional option - an option to order extra weft, a separate weft/row. This way you can add some more volume to the SW head set that you have already purchased or you can order just one weft, to be placed in the middle of the head, with the dimensions of the middle row. The result will be just some hair thickening of your own long hair.

Add Extra Weft
prepared blond hair for a hair extension
installed hair extension on blond hair
image of a blond hair whith hair extension which has been curled

Before & After

You are curious how the hair will look like after the transformation, after putting on our STAR WHISPER hair extensions? THE RESULTS ARE REALLY STUNNING!!! And as we are as well a working Beauty Place and are dealing directly with the end customers, we can show you firsthand transformations BEFORE AND AFTER. Please, enjoy the show!

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What You Say About Us

“Thank you, star whisper girls! Your hair is amazing!!”



“You are awesome, girls!!!”



“Star whisper hair extensions saved me from myself!!!”