Interesting Facts: 10 Hair Myths

Regardless of how much we are informed today, sometimes we are still slaves to the outdated ideas of our grandmothers. Every woman can list at least three "tried" recipes for beautiful and healthy hair she has heard from her grandmother. But there are many modern perceptions of beauty that mislead many of us. See where we are most often wrong:

1. Brushing your hair 100 times per night heals it.

Exactly the opposite. Brushing of hair is an aggressive act - pulling the hair from its root (especially with a plastic comb or brush) damages the individual threads in its structure. So brush your hair only when you want to shape it. It is best to use a wooden brush; it is the gentlest to the hair.

2. The alternation of different brands of shampoos is useful for hair.

It is not true. Hair does not have the ability to distinguish the brand of shampoo, nor it has a preference for one or another cosmetic product. Frequent shampoo change can make the skin of your head more sensitive and in some cases also cause dandruff.

3. Curl hair straighteners are not harmful.

Absolutely wrong. These products are highly alkaline and therefore extremely aggressive to hair. They penetrate the structure of the hair and change it. Using such a preparation can become a huge problem for women with weaker and thinner hair. Before proceeding to straighten your hair with chemicals, you should consult a specialist and test whether your hair will withstand the drastic treatment of these products. It is recommended that you choose a preparation enriched with a conditioner to reduce the degree of potential hair damage.

4. Frequent trimming make your hair grow faster.

Complete fallacy. Hair grows of 1.5 cm per month, regardless of whether you're trimming it regularly or not. This process accelerates during the summer, but this is not related with your hairdresser’s visits; it is related to the hormones that influence the growth rate. What we surely gain from regular trimming of the hair ends reduces split ends.

5. Stress is the main cause of hair loss.

Not quite so. We tend to lose from 50 to 120 hairs per day. This is a very normal process. It is possible to lose a little more hair when you are under more stress or have experienced major changes in your life - divorce, loss of work, life-saving surgery ... Common causes of hair fall are pregnancy and antibiotics. In a few weeks, however, the fallen hair grows again. To enhance hair growth, you can use special cosmetics

6. Dye damages hair.

Not true. Modern dyes are enriched with enough nourishing ingredients and do not cause thinning and irreparable damage to hair. Some contain proteins that heal the hair and make the mane more amenable to shaping. But to be calm, before you proceed to a drastic change in hair color, consult a specialist what product to use. Do nourishing masks to keep your colour longer.

7. You can strengthen your split ends with a suitable product.

Unfortunately, it is not true. Hair split ends cannot recover. The only thing that can be done with them is to cut them off. Split ends can be made less noticeable if the hair is smeared with a product containing silicone or beeswax. This will temporarily "blind" hair ends, but it will not solve the problem.

8. It is not possible for thin hair (with a thin hair) to look voluminous.

It's not true at all. Five minutes a day with hot rollers on the head are enough to give life to the straightest and weakest hair. You have to remove them when they are completely cold and do not shake too vigorously to prevent curls from falling apart. There are already products in the market that add volume to the hair root. Usually they are in the form of a spray sprayed at the base of the hair. If this does not help, try to backcomb hair a little in the roots to lift it.

9. To look clean, hair should be washed more often than once a week.

Both yes and no. Everything is individual and depends on your type of hair, your age, what type of life you have, and even how you eat. Some women feel better when they wash their hair in every other day, others think that they dry it up in this way. There is no rule telling you when and how often you should wash your hair. Trust your feelings and decide for yourself which option is right for you.

10. Short hairstyle is suitable only for weak women.

Not true. Short hairstyle fits every lady with big eyes, long neck and good self-esteem. The short hairstyle with a well-formed height always creates an illusion that you look weaker. Before you decide to trim your strikes, discuss it first with a hairdresser so you do not regret it later.