Why Wear Hair Extensions


In recent years women have been more upfront about using hair extensions. Even celebrities have shamelessly admitted to owning and using extensions to create their coveted looks.

Have you ever dreamed of a long, thick, voluminous hair? We are sure that almost every woman has dreamed of it. Usually woman’s hair won’t seem to grow past a certain length or grows, but has thin ends that bothers us all. And if you have to attend some special event and would like to look fabulous, the most easy and fast way to achieve it is to wear hair extensions. These will add length to your hair in about a couple of minutes.

Have you ever regret cutting your hair? Often we all do. Then you are usually impatient to wait your hair to grow long again, bearing in mind that it will take a couple of years. You want to wear a ponytail or to braid your hair or to do a bun, but you can’t do it because of the lack of length. Then again the hair extensions can solve the problem.

Have you ever wanted to try a different styling or a different hair color, some ombre, sombre or balayage? When a woman experiences some changes in her life, she usually changes her hairstyle or her hair color. Dedicated people explain this behaviour with the individual's aspiration to transform some negative feelings into positive ones or on the other hand with the wish to celebrate some significant event. But the most easy and fast way, without damaging your own hair is again wearing hair extensions.

Invest in Your Hair

For the absolute best results you have to invest a couple of hundreds euro or dollars for quality hair. This hair should last a couple of years, should not mat, shed, tangle or look cheap. It should be natural, virgin, human hair, like STAR WHISPER HAIR EXTENSIONS.

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Positives of Wearing Hair Extensions:

  • add length
  • add volume
  • can add color without using chemicals
  • enhances your look
  • the right method will not damage your hair
  • blends naturally with your own hair
  • with the right application, no one will know you are wearing extensions

What Could be The Negatives of Wearing Hair Extensions:

  • can cost a few hundred euro or dollars, BUT you should consider this as an investment
  • can cause you some problems with choosing the method of application of the hair extension, BUT we are here to help
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  • more hair to manage/style, BUT when wearing clip-in hair extensions once washed ans styled these can last up to a month – depends how often you wear them
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  • if you’re new to hair extensions, it will take a bit to get used to, BUT then you won’t be able to stop wearing them
  • your head will leave feel heavier for 1-3 days, BUT the feeling goes away very fast
  • Once experiencing the freedom when using hair extensions, you won’t ever give up!!!