Our SW hair extensions are designed as CLIP IN hair extensions, which means that you will be able to attach and remove the wefts by yourself using the CLIP IN method. Each weft in each headset is supplied with clips, which you can clip in your own hair and wear our STAR WHISPERS whenever you want - for a night out, for a special occasion or just for fun, whenever you wish to look different, to add some length or volume to your own hair.

In each SW head set there are three rows of extra hair - lower, middle and upper, plus two extra wefts, with width of about 7 cm (2.73 inches) each, to be placed highest in the area above the temple to get a spectacular result with a length of hair around your face which is pretty convenient and appropriate to do in this way.

The lower row is placed at the bottom, about 2 cm (0.78 inches) higher than the lower line of the own hair in the area between the back of the neck and the neck. The optimal width of this row is between 15 and 20 cm (5.85 and 7.8 inches) as it covers the narrowest part of the human head.

The middle row is placed above the lower row - a distance of about 2 cm (0.78 inches) is still left maximum. This row is metaphorically from ear to ear, but in the area above the ears, in the middle of the back of the neck. The width is between 25 and 30 cm (9.75 and 11.7 inches) - the round is longer, and if you want and feel comfortable, you can slightly bend the middle of the row down, receiving a slight parabola.

The upper row is the widest - about 32 cm (12.48 inches) as it is placed highest, and our advice is to aim for both ends to be as far ahead as possible to get the length of the area around the face.

You should just divide your hair in sections, beginning from the lower row, continuing with the middle and the upper row and ending with the two small side wefts. The only thing you have to do is open the clips with backward motion, then put it in your own hair and close it with forward motion. And you are ready to go!!! The whole thing will take you maximum 5-10 minutes.

You are welcomed to check the photos below!